Bringing the best clinician and health executive perspectives to the most challenging problems in healthcare

Caligo Health is an Australian-based healthcare consulting and solutions company led by experienced doctors and health executives. We bring pragmatic clinical and management perspectives, genuinely creative approaches and an unparalleled network of experts to advise and solve the most complex healthcare challenges. 

Digital Health and Innovation

Extending from telemedicine,  to national digital health infrastructure, public and private digital health services, and digital health startups

Clinical Governance

Focussing on governance support across all parts of the health system, from primary health care to hospitals

Healthcare Strategy

Including healthcare market entry and growth, partnerships, transformation and digital health strategy

Operational Improvement

Particularly through digital transformation, automation and artificial intelligence

Health System Reform

Including hospital avoidance program design, hospital financing, and innovative service models in primary and specialist health care

Clinical Engagement

Medical workforce engagement and development, and healthcare professional talent matching and upskilling

Our team has experience working with

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